Top 10 hot, delicious dishes to crave out this Monsoon!

Monsoon – the word says it all! The season is commended, vivacious and celebrated everywhere throughout the nation. It as well hoists our desires for to have the formulas that can keep our faculties alive consistently. The pitter-patter of the raindrops tuned in to the sound of your main tune and the cold breeze leave your taste buds, wanting for some more scrumptious mouth watering dishes.

Here’s sharing a list of top 10 hot, delicious dishes that will take care of your special delights, for just to ease your hunger and fulfill the taste buds. This monsoon, let’s make this festive season more luscious by having these magical recipes!

1. Paneer Pakoda

Paneer Pakoda is the ideal nibble with some tea on a stormy day. Steaming Pakodas tastes best when eaten with spicy chutney. Paneer pakodas just liquefies in your mouth and Chutney makes the ideal backup to this superb nibble that is certain to force you, your family and visitors in licking fingertips.

Paneer Pakoda

2. Chole Bhature 

Chole Bhature is one of the mouth-watering and fiery dishes from Punjabi Cuisine. The fresh puffed Bhatura makes a great combo with hot and zesty Chole/Chickpeas curry. This dish is accessible in every single Indian eatery and likewise on road vendors..!!

The hot Chole Bhature is simply mouthwatering this blustery season, where fresh bhature and zesty chole will give a stomach loaded with joy.

Chole Bhature

3. Pav Bhaji

How can we miss the second national dish of Mumbaiker? The spicy vegetarian Sabzi is served with a baked Indian bread roll called as Pav which is being toasted along with a good dose of butter. Pav Bhaji is another food item that should be eaten in this rainy season.  The combination of spicy bhaji, pavs and chopped onions is great, and so it becomes only better when eaten in the view of rains or after getting drenched.

Pav Bhaji

4. Pakoda and Bhajias

The most sought nourishment for this blustery season in almost every house is from garma garam besan ka pakoda to bread pakoda to any stuffed pakoda. Furthermore, it is the most delicious food item when consolidated with the ‘Cutting Chai’. Mirchi Bhajia is constantly adored this season.

Pakoda and Bhajias


The essence of tomato soup to Manchow Soup to corn soup is simply savoring in this storm season.


6. Noodles

 Noodles-Manchurian-Schezwan is the ideal combo to experiment with this storm.


7. Aloo Paratha with Pickle and Curd

 Aloo Paratha another most loved Indian formula that is being appreciated amidst this blustery season, which is conceivably considered as the best lunch to have in this stormy day.

Aloo Paratha

8. Tandoori Lollipop

Solace yourself with this substantial pleasure. Delicate Tandoori Lollipop is covered in the decency of desi masalas and herbs for to have you a delightful lunch in this blustery season.

Tandoori Lollipop

9. MOMOs

In spite of the fact that Momos are a most loved nibble amid each season, Momos amid storms is something exceptional. Accessible at different eateries and roadside joints, they are best appreciated steamed. A plateful of these with some nut/dark bean/garlic sauce is without doubts the ideal answer for the greater part of life’s issues, particularly on the off chance that you are stranded in the rain.


10. Roasted Chicken

Feeling hungry on a blustery day? Why not simply go ahead and add some chicken bend to it? Simmered chicken marinated with some sweet-smelling flavors actually and essentially tastes great.

Roasted Chicken

Well, these top 10 monsoon recipes will definitely roll out your mood to celebrate this monsoon by having lip smacking dishes. Feeling hungry?  Looking forward to eat now? No worries, as Soul Care has started lunch and dinner parcel service for our Chembur, Govandi and Trombay customers.

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Happy Monsoon! Eat Healthy and Live Healthy.



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